The Next Chapter

Hey, how are ya?!

I am back after a brief hiatus. I took a break from blogging to finish grad school and take care of a few personal items. In December, I graduated from Emerson College with a Master’s Degree in Communications. I am proud and happy with that accomplishment and looking forward to The Next Chapter.

I appreciate those who stuck with me during my blogging-absence and look forward to writing more posts that motivate. During the last few months, I reflected on myself, the blog, and where I want to go from here. 

As I enter The Next Chapter of my life, I am still focused on sharing with others to inspire and motivate. I am editing the final chapters of my self-help and motivational book. I hope that the book will be finalized soon and available for the public to read shortly thereafter! In the meantime, I plan to release a few blog posts per month about various topics that will motivate you to achieve your best.

Due to my degenerative neuromuscular disease, I am confined to a motorized scooter. Limited mobility is one of the many frustrating parts of living with Friedreich’s Ataxia. However, FA has never stopped me and will never stop me. It didn’t stop me from graduating from college and grad school, starting a blog, writing a book, and looking forward to The Next Chapter.

I am grateful for my family and friends who support and guide me. They will always be huge parts of my life. I also feel great to know that while FA may destroy my body, it can never take my mind. My hope – with my website, my motivational speeches, and through these blogs – is to share stories that may help you prosper in your life.

One Love,



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Connor S


Congratulations on getting your masters!!
Goodluck to you and keep up the hard work!

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Tina P


You are an inspiration! Congratulations and the best of luck in your next chapter.

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