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Hey, how are ya?!

On Sunday, the New England Patriots play in the Super bowl…once again. Beat LA! I’m assuming many other Patriot die-hard fans, are going into the game very nervous. However, I have learned throughout the years to ALWAYS believe in Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick. Even when it looks like we were done and going to lose, the Pats always find a way to win.

The anxiousness of waiting for Sunday mixed with the feeling like I am on the team too, made me think. Why do people who root for Boston sports teams care so much?

Between the Patriots, Bruins, Red Sox, and Celtics it is the same way. Boston fans truly believe that they are apart of the team as much as the GM, coach, or a player. Beat LA!

The story of when I became a true Boston fan was when I went to my first Red Sox game at eight-years-old. I went with my two brothers, my older cousin, my dad, and my uncle. The Red Sox were playing the Yankees that game.

I did not understand the extent of the rivalry when I went until I saw the many Sox’ fans with their crazy Boston accents cheering and yelling their heads off while cussing many times. My older brother and cousin joined in. Since Sean and I didn’t know what to do, we also joined in.

That game, the Red Sox catcher, Jason Varitek, fought Yankees player, A-Rod, after the Red Sox pitcher “purposefully” threw at him. The crowd, and now us, erupted cheering Varitek on.

It brought Boston fans and my family together that day – and that was just the start of my fandom. That game always reminds me of the joy I got from the Red Sox. From my childhood to now, being a die-fan of that team has brought me so much happiness. Beat LA!

The culture of many families in Massachusetts is that if you’re a die-hard fan of the all teams, then we (Boston fans) are all in this together. Not just the Red Sox, but every other Boston-based team. I honestly have a story, like the one I just wrote, for all of the other major teams too. I’m assuming that other Boston fans most likely have similar stories.

Boston fans showed me how enthusiastic to get when it comes to cheering on our sports teams, and it is another reason why I love Boston.

One Love and Beat LA, Joey


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You are correct, Boston fans are the best in the world, Go Pats!

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Deirdre Moran


Great blog Joey.
Also a treasured picture of two of Bostons’ greats.
Go Pats, beat LA.❤️💙🏈🇺🇸
Enjoy the game.
Dee Moran

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Debbie Barendt


Good luck, I don't have a strong preference--I know, crazy! You can thank us here in Cleveland for letting go of , (or did he just leave us?), Bill Belichick! Wonder if he could have done all this winning for Cleveland over the years? :) Have fun with Super Bowl weekend and keep on writing!

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Go Pats!!!!!!

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