Hold The Door

Hey, how are ya?!

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me last week about the advice you would give to high school students. They were accommodating, and I’m excited to share those comments with them. Now I challenge you to Hold The Door.

I just moved to my new place this past week. So I mapped out my route from my graduate school to where I am living. The commute was quick, so I decided to stay and do some work. Once I got there, I had to, of course, stop and get a coffee. (Thank you, Mom, for making me addicted to coffee.) After I ordered my coffee, I went to wait in line with the other customers who were also waiting for their coffee to be made.

Suddenly, one of the baristas walked from behind the counter, heading towards me, and handed me my coffee.  Before she came over, I was internally freaking out about handling my coffee and dropping/spilling it. Fortunately, I didn’t have to worry about that. After she handed me my coffee, she proceeded to Hold The Door for me, so I didn’t have to hold my coffee while struggling to scoot out of the door.

This may not seem like a lot, but it truly made my day so much better. The barista did not have to do this, but she did. It was so simple yet very impactful on my day and my mood. Simple acts of kindness like this make you feel better for doing it and make the other person feel amazing. Who knows, a random stranger might have seen the barista helping me out and decided to do another kind act later that day.

Now I challenge you, and myself, to do a simple act this week and message me what that was and how it made you feel. Maybe even Hold The Door for someone.

One Love, Joey


Image of Sue Cornwall
Sue Cornwall


Hey Joey!! Awesome and congrats to you!! Here is my story.... eight weeks ago I adopted a toy poodle who had been abandoned in the woods with three cats. She was in horrible condition.... matted, dirty, malnourished and clearly had been neglected. I was fortunate to have been chosen to adopt her. Yesterday my office mates and I took a field trip. We took Rosie back to meet the people who took care of her before she came to me. Along with bringing Rosie - we checked the website for the Lowell Humane Society to see what they need. Rosie had four bags of food and goods that she brought to the people who helped her - and - Rosie is doing great - gaining a bit of weight, eating, drinking water and walking walking walking!!! Such a cutey!! I wanted to help her and in turn she wants to help those who helped her!! 🐩❤️🐩

Image of Deborah J Barendt
Deborah J Barendt


This is spot on from what I see with Kelly! Enjoying your writing, keep going!

Image of Pauka Carafotes
Pauka Carafotes


Hi Joey!
This story made me smile... I broke my ankle in June and I had to have surgery...I was totally depressed, whining and feeling sorry for myself!

I was at a farm stand shopping after surgery, and a woman in line behind me asked if she could help me to my car... I said “ that would be so nice, thank you”..... when I took a good look however, I realized that she not only had a walking crutch , but that her leg was amputated!!

I thanked her profusely for about 5 minutes, and she said “ my pleasure... I’ve probably been doing this a lot longer than you have”...... so humbling for me..... I never complained about my ankle again...😍

Image of Kelly Barendt
Kelly Barendt


love small acts of kindness!!

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Chris Mullaney


Hi Joey! This past week LHS had their Freshman Orientation....I offered to take the boys' friend because his mom was at Children's with his sister. I hung onto him for a late dinner at Denny's., of all places! I did not think anything about it until I read your blog. My friend had sent me a text to thank me, when she couldn't be there for him.It's the little things, the simple acts of kindness, that make this world, my world, a better place to luve in :) Love, Auntie Chris

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