Dating As A Handicapped Man

Hey, how are ya?!

I usually don’t talk about my love life, dating, or anything like that because it’s pretty private. However, I am an open book so here it is. In general, Dating As A Handicapped Man is tough when you’re in a wheelchair, which I’m assuming you can understand – but I decided to give it a shot.

Spoiler alert: It did not go well.

It was a Sunday evening with perfect weather, so we decided to go to Castle Island. For those of you not familiar with the Boston area, Castle Island is a public park with walking paths surrounding a fort along the harbor. The plan was to walk around and then grab a bite to eat. We should’ve realized it would be crowded, given that it was a Sunday night and beautiful out. It felt like we were at Six Flags it was so packed. All of the handicapped parking spots were taken, so we had to park in a lot far away from the fort. We stayed for about two hours after every screaming little kid got their chance to stare at me like I was an alien. Eventually, we got hungry, but the line at the only food place was so long, we decided to head back to the car and go somewhere else to eat.

On the way back to my car, my scooter began to die, dropping to the lowest battery percentage. Fortunately, I made it to my car, but since my scooter was close to dying, we couldn’t eat at a restaurant since I couldn’t make it in.

It gets worse, just wait.

On the way back to my date’s apartment we decided to stop at a grocery store and get pre-made food for dinner. She went in and picked out dinner, conveniently choosing cold chicken wings and something else that had to be microwaved. We drove to her apartment to use the microwave, but since she lives on the third floor without an elevator, we had to eat our dinner in my car (I’m sorry about this mom).

The best part was that we both realized how ridiculous the entire night was, and we just laughed about it. We spent half the meal debating whether or not either of us had been on a more failed date before (we hadn’t). She was not bothered by the craziness and nor was I. In the grand scheme of things, it was actually very funny. However, if this had been our first date, I’m not sure if either of us would have been laughing.

Dating As A Handicapped Man is not always fun, but what is? Be willing to take risks and never take yourself too seriously. You may never enjoy your life otherwise.

One Love, Joey


Image of Lori Gardner Wyman
Lori Gardner Wyman


Thank you for your inspiration Joey!

Image of Michael Mullaney
Michael Mullaney


Great insight Joe... despite what some may see as a failure, you and your date found humor in the situation. Keep telling us to look for the positive in life. We all need to be reminded from time to time.

Uncle Mike

Image of Sacha Granger
Sacha Granger


Such a great story! I’m glad you two were able to smile at the situation and find the positive. Keep living your life Joey! You give others hope. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Image of Anastasia Abdoo
Anastasia Abdoo


I am sorry to hear the date didn't go as expected or wanted. The good thing from this event is you have a funny memory from that day. Thank you for making me smile today with your story and opening up.

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