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This Sunday, April 8th, at 2:00 pm, I will be giving my first ever motivational speech at the Leominster Public Library. I cannot thank my Auntie Joan enough for organizing the event, and the Leominster Public Library for hosting it; I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity. To say that I am excited would be an understatement, however, I am also a little nervous since I am pursuing Motivational Speaking. It is the good kind of nerves, though, like the way you would feel before a big game. I hope to see you all there on Sunday, but if you cannot make it, be sure to watch on Facebook, as the event will be broadcasted live from my page.

I have known for a while now that motivational speaking is one thing that I want to pursue with my life. One specific story that brought me to this point was back during my senior year of college as Student Body President of Quinnipiac University. For my position, I had to give a speech to the prospective QU class of 2021 during Accepted Students Day. Despite a crowd of 1,500 students and their families, I was more excited than nervous.

I could tell that the audience, specifically this one student in the front row, was a bit unsure how to react to me, not knowing my situation other than that I am in a scooter. This uncertainty, combined with giving a speech to all of them, was why I was excited.

I honestly believe that when people look at me at first, they feel bad for me, thinking that because I am in a scooter, I am unable to do many things in life. However, when I am giving a speech in front of a big crowd, I can tell that the audience begins to feel at ease, allowing all of them to change their original opinion of me and to start to see me as someone capable just like any of them.

Going back to that day in front of the incoming QU class, I will never forget, just before presenting my speech, looking into the audience and seeing the way that they all looked at me. Despite the audience’s original reaction to me, I delivered the speech and crushed it. After my speech had ended, the crowd gave me a standing ovation, as if to say that I had convinced them that I am more than capable despite my physical limitations.

I am extremely thankful for having that platform that day, and my goal is to continue to prove to people through motivational speaking that anyone can achieve their dreams so long as they set their minds to it. Once again, I am eagerly looking forward to this Sunday, and I hope that you all can be there to listen!

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