One Love

Hey, how are ya?!

On Valentine’s Day,  I say One Love. When my siblings and I were little, my mother would surprise each one of us four kids with little gifts. Whether it was a box of chocolate, a funny card, or a little balloon attached to a white bear, Mom was showing us that being someone’s Valentine goes way beyond seventh-grade crushes and married couples.

Valentine’s day, to me, has come to be a time when you let those who are there for you, who care about you and will be by your side during your darkest times, know that you appreciate and love them. Letting my friends, neighbors, and family members know that I take notice of the unconditional, no-strings-attached love they show me is how I try to spend not just Valentine’s Day, but every day.

Whether it be picking me up from class in downtown Boston at 10 o’clock at night when I’m too tired to journey home alone, or picking me up in the shower when I have fallen and need help up, or keeping me company while we binge-watch The Office on Netflix and dying of laughter every single episode at everything, I know I am loved. If I could do anything for them, I would. Because I love them too.

You may have noticed that I end each of my blogs by saying “One Love, Joey.” I sign off that way to show you that I do appreciate you reading my blog, in this case.

More importantly, it is a cool way of saying I love you. Everyone’s time here on earth is short, take it from me. So love often and let the ones who mean the most to you know how you feel. Don’t be afraid to throw the phrase “One Love” around. Maybe if you start loving more and being thankful, your time spend on this earth could be so much richer.

One Love,



Image of Wendy Navaroli
Wendy Navaroli


Love you Joey! So excited for your blogs!! You inspire me!!

Image of Lynn Smith
Lynn Smith


Aww Joey, what you said about your Mom was so sweet!

Image of Noemi ferraro
Noemi ferraro


You are an Angel, Joey! You made me cry every time!I already love you,for who you are and the way you make people feel! Your mom is a great woman! I love her too!😘

Image of Chris Mullaney
Chris Mullaney


Hey Joey! I am good( thanks for asking)! I just binged-read your blogs did I get soo behind? I miss you (and family) but know I think of you often. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. I feel like I know you more than ever, and the best part, it comes directly from you. AND, P L E A S E put a mat on the floor between your bed and scooter ;) Cheers to a 60* day in NE tomorrow! XO Auntie Chris

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