Living in the Moment

Hey, how are ya?! The freezing temperatures of winter are behind us and we gladly allow in warmer weather. What a great time of the… Read More

We can’t change the world until we change ourselves.

Hey, how are ya?! This time of the year is refreshing. There are many things to look forward to including NBA & NHL playoffs, the… Read More

Together We Will Cure F.A.

Hey how are ya?! As you may know after reading some of my blogs, or viewing the F.A. page on this website, there is… Read More

Dealing with Stress

Hey, how are ya?! It’s that time of the year when New Year’s resolutions have come and passed, and we are into the business of… Read More

Do What You Gotta Do

“I’m worried about the unknowns of the future” “I’m insecure about my speech” “It bothers me that I can’t always be independent”… Read More

Beat LA

Hey, how are ya?! On Sunday, the New England Patriots play in the Super bowl…once again. I, and I’m assuming many other Patriot die-hard fans,… Read More

The End Justifies the Means

Hey, how are ya?! Before I begin, I want to wish you a happy New Year! This weekend I am taking my talents to South… Read More

Pay It Forward

Hey, how are ya?! The Holiday Season is my favorite time of the year (besides how cold it is outside). From seeing decorated trees covered… Read More

Unless you have bad times, you can’t appreciate the good times.

Hey, how are ya?! I hate to complain, and I really try not to, but Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA) stinks. Truly, it’s not always easy to… Read More


Hey, how are ya?! Hope you are all doing well. I want to begin by apologizing for not posting a blog in the past several… Read More

Be Somebody Who Makes Others Feel Like A Somebody.

Hey, how are ya?! This post is based off some articles I have read this past week about heading back to school, in… Read More

Look up, it is where life happens.

Hey, how are ya?! This past week marked the start of classes at my alma mater, Quinnipiac University.  Prior to the first day of classes… Read More

Hold The Door

Hey, how are ya?! Hope you are having a great week and are enjoying the final few weeks of summer. Thank you to everyone… Read More

Exercising Makes MY Life Easier

Hey, how are ya?! I hope you all are enjoying the last few weeks of summer. For those of you who follow me on Instagram… Read More

Meet Alex!

Hey, how are ya?! This blog post is from my buddy in college, Alex Miner Barron. Alex and I grew closer after we both graduated and during… Read More


Hey, how are ya?! I usually don’t talk about my love life, dating, or anything like that because it’s pretty private. However, I am an… Read More

Handicap Awareness

Hey, how are ya? A few weekends ago, I went to Cape Cod with my family. At the beach, there was no beach wheelchair—one… Read More


Hey, how are ya?! Last week, I wrote about how I enjoy hearing or seeing different quotes or concepts. Those messages often spark ideas, in… Read More

“Sharpen the Axe”

Hey, how are ya?! One of my favorite things is to hear from family and friends about their favorite quotes and why it really resonates… Read More

Meet Tyler!

Hey, how are ya? Before I introduce my next guest blogger, I would like to thank Kacey Morin and the 5th graders of Francis Drake… Read More

Dunk City

Hey, how are ya?! Tonight is my fifth-year reunion from Lawrence Academy High School. I had a great high school experience filled with a ton… Read More

“Aha Moments”

Hey, how are ya?! I hope you are doing well and enjoying the nice weather, finally. Last week, I had one of those “aha-moments.” We’ve… Read More

Meet Anna!

Hey, how are ya?! New guest blog post this week! This blog post is from a woman I went to college with, Anna Lubas. I did not… Read More


Hey, how are ya?! I hope you all are enjoying the warm weather. This weekend, my family and I are off to North Carolina to… Read More

Never let fear get in your way

Hey, how are ya?! Lately, I’ve been busy with school and figuring out my summer plans. However, I always enjoy writing this blog and will… Read More

Celebration of Life

Hey, how are ya? First, I would like to thank everyone who came out to hear my speech two weekends ago at the Leominster Public… Read More

Guest Blog: “Keep Smiling, Beautiful”

Hey, how are ya?! I am very excited to introduce you all to my next guest blogger, Griffin Smith. Griffin writes about the wonderful life… Read More

Motivational Speaking

Hey, how are ya?! This Sunday, April 8th, at 2:00 pm, I will be giving my first ever motivational speech at the Leominster Public Library. Read More

Easter Sunday

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Enjoy the things that are unexpected

Hey, how are ya? I hope you’re all doing well. Personally, I’m excited for the rest of March, as it is one of the best… Read More

Meet Lauren!

Hey, how are ya? Each month going forward I will introduce a “Guest Blogger” to share his/her personal experiences and how they have overcome tough… Read More


Hey, how are ya? Wednesday, February 28th, was Rare Disease day across the country. I am one of those people with a rare disease. There… Read More

It’s Okay to Laugh at Yourself

Hey, how are ya? Two weeks ago, I took an adventurous trip to Boston for some routine “check-up” appointments with my neurologist’s. Lucky for me,… Read More

One Love

Hey, how are ya? On Valentine’s Day, when we were little, my mother would surprise each one of us four kids with little gifts. Whether… Read More

Never Stop.

Hey, how are ya? Take a wild guess how I’m feeling! If you read my last post, you are probably assuming… Read More

Do Your Job.

Hey, how are ya? Like many New England Patriot fans, I will be glued to a TV this Sunday. Yes, I’m a diehard Patriots fan. Read More

Roll with the Punches

Hey, how are ya? Hope your week has been great. It feels like we are in the “dog days” of winter, where life can… Read More

It’s Okay To Ask For Help

Hey, how are ya? For many people, the month of January represents clean slates, new beginnings, and reinvention. I feel like I have met the… Read More

Adjusting to Change

Hey, how are ya? After what felt like harsh weeks in the tundra, today in New England the temperature hit nearly fifty. “HEAT WAVE,” some… Read More

Attitude is everything

Hey, how are ya? I hope that you are off to a great New Year and attacking your New Year’s resolutions head-on. Getting stronger,… Read More

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.

Hey, how are ya? I hope you had a wonderful Holiday season and are enjoying the last few days of 2017. This week feels… Read More

Holiday Season

Hey, how are ya? It is hard to be in a bad mood during the holiday season. It is the best time of year. Between… Read More

Adapting is scary. Change is scary. But change is constant, and often necessary.

Hey, how are ya? I hope you all are doing well and handling the weather changes gracefully. I love living in New England, but I… Read More

Everyone goes through adversity in life, but what matters is what you learn from it.

Hey, how are ya? Each day brings a new adventure. When I wake up, I try to start my day with a positive mindset. But… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey, how are ya? It is Thanksgiving Eve and I am extremely excited for tonight and tomorrow. The day before Thanksgiving is like a homecoming… Read More

Shooters shoot.

Hey, how are ya? Growing up, playing sports meant everything to me. Football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse—I did it all. Yet, while other kids kept getting… Read More

Never judge a book by its cover; you might wind up missing the best read of your life.

Hey, how are ya? I just got back from alumni weekend, which was amazing. My agenda was full: catching up with old friends about post-grad life,… Read More

You never know what sort of battle someone is fighting, so always be kind.

Hey, how are ya? This weekend is alumni weekend at my alma mater, Quinnipiac University (“QU”). Being members of the most recent graduating class of… Read More

Embrace who you really are, it’s way more fun.

Hey, how are ya? If you read my first blog post and commented, thank you for your generous feedback. Like I wrote on my… Read More

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