Another 5 Star Review!

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Another 5 Star Review! The expected release date of my memoir, Stare at Me: How Being Blindsided Brings Life Into Focus, is September 14, 2021. Before the book’s arrival, I reached out to many established book-reviewing critics and companies to have professionals review my memoir. So far,  the reviews have been more than fantastic! 

I am excited to see that readers love the book and, most importantly, take something meaningful away from my story!

Another 5 Star Review!
Another 5-Star Review

Divine Zape’s review for Reader’s Favorite:

  • Stare at Me: How Being Blindsided Brings Life into Focus by Joey Mullaney is a gripping memoir that explores the author’s experience with a condition known as Friedreich’s ataxia, a rare degenerative neuromuscular disorder that diminishes coordination, mobility, speech, and organ function. 
  • Have you ever had a dream like being a seventh-grader playing an intense basketball game and at the free-throw line and with one free throw left to win the game, you notice your arms won’t lift? For thirteen-year-old Joey, it is not a dream but a reality. He discovers that he is dying and that he can’t even play his favorite sports. Joey is confined to a motorized scooter as a teenager. Will he fight or give up in utter surrender?
  • This is a story of courage, resilience, and self-acceptance that brings many lessons along with it. Joey Mullaney’s incredible journey is a powerful testament to readers who feel inadequate that they can conquer their demons and transform their limitations and “handicap” into a vessel of personal growth. It is more than inspiration. It is a story of grit and daring courage, and it shows readers that there are no limits to what they can achieve, no matter what stands in the way. Writing in gorgeous and atmospheric prose and never lacking in wisdom and insight, the author brings tears to readers’ eyes, warms their hearts, and reassures them that there is more to their mortality than the challenges that life thrusts at them. Stare at Me: How Being Blindsided Brings Life into Focus is the story of how one man transforms his life through acceptance and reintegration of the broken pieces of his humanity. A book that excellently spells out self-awareness, confidence, and acceptance. You must read this book and then share it with others.

Great reviews help make a book successful! Hopefully this review can help get the word out to people I haven’t met!

One Love, Joey



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Nicky Groskreutz


I’m excited to read your book, Joey!

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Barbara Farnsworth


I am looking forward to receiving my order. Wonderful News that reviews are Great!

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