Reacting to Adversity

Hey, how are ya?!

In life, there are good times and bad times. The highs and lows, the ups and downs. Your life’s constantly changing and evolving. The question is, how do you handle those times? Somethings that happen may be in, or out of, your control.  No matter what, our reaction is always in our control.

Reacting to Adversity 

I have found a random $10 bill in my pocket, fallen in the shower, been to the peak of Sleeping Giant Mountain, “ate it,” getting into and out of bed, met the glorious TB12, and lost my wallet too many times.

I write these examples to show how life is unpredictable.  However, your response to those unexpected times defines you.

Reacting to Adversity

Life will continue to throw things at you that you may not be prepared for. Good and bad. Reacting to Adversity is not always planned. So even if you’re not ready, know you are strong enough to handle it.

One Love, Joey

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Much welcomed advice! Thank you.

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