Travis Roy: An Inspiration to All

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Travis Roy: An Inspiration to All

A remarkable and caring individual, Travis Roy, passed away last week at the age of 45. 25 years ago, when Travis was a freshman hockey player at Boston University, his life changed forever. 11 seconds into his first on-ice appearance, Travis collided into the boards. He was left paralyzed from the neck down. After this horrendous tragedy, he stayed positive and chose to make his time on Earth count.

Travis co-wrote an incredible book called 11 Seconds. The story detailed his life as an outstanding young hockey player with a dream of playing in the NHL until life had different plans for him. Years later, he began a career as a motivational speaker and a philanthropist. He started a nonprofit, Travis Roy Foundation (“TRF”), which helps spinal cord injury survivors live more independent and hopeful lives. 

Travis Roy: An Inspiration to All 

Travis Roy: An Inspiration to All

According to the TRF website, half of their donations fund adaptive equipment, wheelchairs, mattresses, and home and vehicle modifications for paraplegics and quadriplegics. The other half funds scientific research focused on solving paralysis-related challenges. TRF has been able to help more than 2,100 people who are quadriplegic and paraplegic and has awarded over $4.7 million in research grants.  

I had the honor of meeting Travis back when I was in high school. He gave a tremendous motivational speech to my school that I still think of today. Travis told his story of resilience and triumph over self-doubt and hard luck. He lived a challenging life and had his dream destroyed, yet he always remained positive and made the world a better place.

My condolences go out to the Roy family.  Travis Roy: An inspiration to all. Thank you, and rest in peace.

“There are times in our lives when we choose our challenges and other times when the challenges simply choose us. It is what we do in the face of those challenges that defines who we are, and more importantly, who we can and will become.” -Travis Roy

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