Meet Kacey Morin!

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I am very excited to introduce you all to my next guest blogger, Kacey Morin! Kacey is running in the 2020 Boston Marathon in memory of Chelsea Smith. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Boston Marathon is now a virtual event. Kacey will be running the usual 26.2 mile distance around our hometown of Leominster, Massachusetts.

Meet Kacey Morin

As Griffin Smith (Chelsea’s brother) explained, Chelsea tragically lost her battle with cancer and liver disease. However, the entire Smith family will attest and say that the doctors and nurses that worked with Chelsea helped prolonged her life.  

Now, you will meet Kacey Morin who will collect all of the donations from her run, and give that to one of Chelsea’s former doctors, Dr. Allison O’Neill. Dr. Allison O’Neil is continuing research on hepatoblastoma (the specific type of cancer that Chelsea had) at Dana Farber. To donate, you can send money through Venmo, @Kacey-Morin, or write out a check. For more information, please reach out to Kacey at

Meet Kacey Morin! 

Meet Griffin Smith

“Keep Smiling, Beautiful” is a quote that many family members and friends use to remember Chelsea Smith. If you knew Chelsea at all, you know exactly why that quote was chosen. She had the most beautiful smile that lit up every room she was in, no matter what she happened to be going through at the time. Unfortunately, Chelsea lost her battle with cancer on January 2, 2017.

Anyone who knows the Smith family knows that they love big and they love hard. The Smith family offered me the chance to run the 2019 Boston Marathon in Chelsea’s memory, which was the experience of a lifetime. I had been wanting to run Boston since 1996-1997 when I witnessed my mom run (after qualifying- humble brag). Deane and Linda, as well as their sons, Griffin and Quinn, have been beyond supportive throughout this whole experience.

As if running in 2019 wasn’t incredible enough, Deane and Linda offered the bib to me again for the 2020 Boston Marathon in April. Long story short, COVID came in hot and almost ruined that chance, but I am excited to report that I will be running a VIRTUAL Boston Marathon on Saturday, September 12th in memory of Chelsea Smith. I will be running around the Leominster area with family and friends running every single mile in the 26.2 with me. I will be running my last mile to the finish line with the Smith family. I already know that this will be my favorite marathon yet!

***To donate, you can send money through Venmo, @Kacey-Morin, or write out a check. For more information, please reach out to Kacey at!***

One Love, Joey and Kacey


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