Be Willing To Laugh At Yourself

Hey, how are ya?!

During these past few months of self-isolation due to COVID-19, I had no choice but to let my hair grow out. Even though many barbershops and salons are beginning to re-open for business here in Massachusetts, it is not safe for me to go into one yet. Although I could easily wear a different hat each day to prevent myself from looking shaggy, I have decided not to. They say that confidence is key, so you have to Be Willing To Laugh At Yourself.

Be Willing To Laugh At Yourself
Be Willing To Laugh At Yourself

Thankfully, my amazing childhood barber goes out of her way to come to my house to cut my hair! Before my first haircut in months, I used to wear this cheap, athletic-style, headband while exercising. After taking the time to laugh at my hair/headband combination, I would send a Snapchat photo of my new look to some of my friends. (Like most millennials do).

On one occasion, I sent a photo to one of my best buddies, Joe. He responded that he is in the same boat as me with his hair and that he too needed a headband.

We then worked out a deal where I mailed him a headband in exchange for an awesome Boston Celtics designed facemask and a few table coasters. This was designed by his amazing mother at the Tic Tac Toe Sew Shop. A few days later after we both received our items, we thanked each other and proceeded to laugh at ourselves for having to actually make this exchange in the first place. Just six months ago, this would never have happened. 

Confidence is key, so you have to Be Willing To Laugh At Yourself. After telling my family and friends about this experience, we could not help but laugh. This was truly one of those “what is the world coming to” moments. Sometimes taking the time to Laugh At Yourself will make your time here on earth much more enjoyable.

“The best determining factor of how comfortable we are with ourselves is our ability to laugh at ourselves.” ― Wes Adamson

One Love, Joey

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