Never Stop Fighting For Equality

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Given all that is going in our country both past and present, I believe that it is time to listen, to have uncomfortable conversations, and to Never Stop Fighting For Equality. With that, I wholeheartedly believe that certain voices need to be heard right now in order to educate and inform others. I have asked an incredible friend of mine, Rajah Nagarajah, to help write this week’s blog post.

Raj is a 25-year-old black man who grew up in Roxbury, MA, and he attended high school in Weston, MA. He then went on to Bowdoin College where he met my twin brother, Sean, and they became very close friends. Raj, and his brother Ramesh, both wrote phenomenal blog posts last week about racial injustice that I believe everyone should read, but here is a small excerpt from Raj. 

Never Stop Fighting For Equality

Race issues in America have never been more prevalent in general conversation. Everyone is a part of the discussion. Whether you like it or not, these issues are what you’ll be talking about today and seeing across all your channels. It’s completely up to you how you choose to engage in it all, but the very nature of that decision will contribute to the issue directly or play a role in trying to work to bring about change. So, you must pick aside. Being silent is no longer an option. Being silent is choosing a side and that side is with the oppressors.

Many are asking, how can I help in all of this? Whether it be through posting, protesting, writing, speaking, donating, or engaging in conversation, there is a way for everyone to be involved. The black community needs more allies. This Mashable article talks about how to be an effective ally. There is a difference between just being an ally and being an effective one. Many people feel like they have done enough and are doing their part, but we need more, and we need it to be ongoing and lasting. Make this problem your own. Continue to engage in dialogue. Challenge your friends AND your family. Continue to donate, call upon city councils, and show up at protests. Most importantly, take the time to educate yourself so that you can go forth into the world being a light that is supported by facts and evidence. Being an effective ally is all about action and supporting the black community through this ongoing fight with that action, so we can Never Stop Fighting For Equality

While this fight is emotionally exhausting, I’ve felt energized over the past week. People, masses of people, are responding so differently than in other past moments of crisis. People are awake, aware, and seeming to be committed to action and playing a role in changing the trajectory of America. The real truth will lie in who is committed for the long run. I, and the black community, hope that these issues aren’t just getting attention because everyone is home due to COVID. We need to continue to reflect and be thoughtful in our actions. If we’re able to look at ourselves first, challenge our very own circles and communities, and be committed to being the change – well then, this fight towards equality is worth fighting.

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Joey and Raj

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