Keep Looking Up

Hey, how are ya?! 

During these trying times, it is important to maintain a positive mindset. I know this can be hard. This global pandemic is unlike anything we have faced. Keep Looking Up and stay updated. For those who have lost their loved ones, jobs, or any cherished item – do not let it weaken you and keep looking up.

A video series that has always helps me to keep looking up and puts a smile on my face is called Some Good News, hosted by John Krasinski.

A video series that has always put a smile on my face is called Some Good News, hosted by John Krasinski. Krasinski, or Jim from the TV show The Office, releases a new video every week. The Massachusetts native shows viewers how to Keep Looking Up. Some Good News displays many different stories from around the world of people performing various acts of kindness during this pandemic. He has already had on celebrities like Steve Carrell, Martha Stewart, David Ortiz, Brad Pitt, and more. If you have not seen an episode yet and are looking for videos that will help you to keep looking up, I highly recommend watching.

Times may continue to get tough, and they may bring about negative thoughts. However, tough times don’t last if you choose to think differently. Keep Looking Up. Battle through the pain and stay positive. Life will get better if you believe it will.

“Keep Looking Up…That’s The Secret Of Life” – Charlie Brown

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💕 can't wait to checkout "Some Good News"!💜 Chris

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I average 2.3 cries per SGN episode

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