Wash Your Hands

Hey, how are ya?!

What is happening in the world right now, stinks! No other way to put it. It is a severe issue that should not be taken lightly. Please stay clean and Wash Your Hands.

I am not here to lecture you about what specifically the virus is, how it works, how to avoid it, etc. I will let the doctors, scientists, and media outlets (although it seems as if some are trying to be in headlines and scare everyone instead of trying to help) do that. 

My advice is to be smart, practical, think before you do, AND Wash Your Hands.

Due to Freidriechs Ataxia and all of the complications this disease brings, my immune system is not strong. So, I am one of the many people that are self-quarantining themselves. However, I am actively exercising, eating well, drinking over 120 ounces of water per day, and washing my hands often. 

For myself and others with autoimmune complications, I ask you to really understand that you may be putting others’ lives in jeopardy by going out in public and going about your daily routine, even if you do not personally feel symptoms.

Be safe. Be smart. And please, Wash Your damn Hands.

One Love, Joey 


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Betsy Masciarelli



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Carol Allard Vancil


Thank-you Joey! Stay healthy young man!! Your are an inspiration. Always sending you healing positive thoughts. Carol


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Thank you!! Stay safe out there!

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