Hard Work Is The Key

Hey, how are ya?!

I enjoy reading interesting, motivational stories that really resonate with me. At this point in my life, I’ve spent years reading different motivational stories in books, on social media, and in life. I have discovered that the most successful people share some common traits: hard work and perseverance.

Successful people come from all different backgrounds. They are not always the brightest in the room. They do not all have degrees from great colleges. They do not come from families full of fame and riches. Some started with nothing.

What separates successful people from the pack is perseverance and grit. Successful people are not just willing to be the hardest workers. They do more than what is required, more than the normal amount. And when things get tough, they stick with it. They push themselves beyond their limits. The difference between giving 80% and 100% effort makes the world of a difference.

One Love, Joey


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