What’s Your Why?

Hey, how are ya?!

Every day we’re lucky enough to wake up and begin our normal morning routine. That may include brushing our teeth, working out, showering, getting dressed, and eating breakfast. Sometimes our mornings are great, and sometimes they’re tough. On good days, we attack the day. On others, we push through. It’s not always clear why certain days are easier than others, but it is clear that some days require more motivation than others.

What is your why? More specifically, what are the reasons why you push through those bad mornings? When you do get though those tough mornings, why do you do it?

If you do know the answer(s), then good. Keep fighting on. If you do not, then keep digging to find your true motivation(s). Don’t settle until it feels right. Then keep finding a way to make it feel right. Once you got it, you’ll start being happier during those not-so-fun mornings.

One Love, Joey


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