Great Things Take Time

Hey how are ya?!

October 4th is my and Sean’s birthday. As most of you know, Sean is my younger twin brother. We are 25 years old…a quarter of the way through.

Every birthday, I am always surprised to realize how much I have grown in the last year. I think about my successes, failures, what I’ve learned, what I did and did not accomplish. Reflecting on this past year, I did a lot of good for myself, but there is always more. My biggest takeaway is that if you want something big to happen, it will take time.

You have to be patient and consistently work towards what you want. 
Although you want your dream to come true tomorrow, or in a week, or by the end of the month, just know that it might not. But that’s okay. You have to be patient, wait the course and know that one day your dream will happen.

Treat each small-achievement as the next step toward completing your larger goal. Work hard when you need to. Patience is truly a virtue.

One love, Joey


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