Believe in Yourself

Hey, how are ya?!

This week I have been thinking a lot about goals, passions and dreams. I wanted to ask you about your aspirations and share some motivational food for thought.

What do you want to do in your life that you have not already done?               

Is there something stopping you?

Are you able to do it?

Are you willing to leave your current position in life, or current job?

Do you think it’s too late to go after the dream?

Not sure where to start?

Stop getting in your own way and just start. Chase your dream with every ounce of energy that you have, and know that you will hit speed-bumps along the way. You may even fail on the path to victory. That’s okay. After you hit a roadblock, reflect. Think about the reason(s) why you failed so that it does not happen again. Then, get up and keep going. It’s never too late to purse anything you care about. You have to be willing to sacrifice things in order to see your dream come into fruition. Most importantly, no matter what you dream is, don’t let others stop you from doing it. Haters will always exist. Pay them no mind.

I loved what legendary Patriot Ty Law said during his NFL Hall of Fame induction speech:

“If you believe you are something, you will find that spirit, that thought. You start to move differently, think differently. You’ve got to believe in who you are. You must believe in yourself.”

The more you trust and follow your instincts, the shaper and louder they become. Believe in yourself and just grind, grind and grind.

One Love,



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