What Works For You?

Hey, how are ya?!

What’s the right way to deal with doubts? We all have them. Yet we sometimes try to hide our negative emotions by remaining stoic. Many people tend to bottle up their issues, which causes significant stress and problems. It really does not make much sense. Everybody has doubts, insecurities, and bad days. Dealing with them in a healthy manner should always be encouraged.

Insecurity creeps into my mind when I think about how my future will unfold as my disease progresses. Although that insecurity will surface from time to time, I refuse to allow fear to control my thinking. I have found that writing about it makes me feel much better. Literally just acknowledging the insecurity helps me process in a healthy way.

What are the most productive ways you deal with your insecurities and stressful thoughts? If you know what works best for you, that’s great. If you’re still trying to figure out what ways helps you work through your troubles, I encourage you to keep exploring.

There are plenty of methods that you could try. You could write, type, or yell out loud. You could even sing them in the shower, if you want. Do whatever works! Keep trying various ways. Eventually you’ll land on one that will click.

With a little effort, I am confident that you will feel as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Relief will turn to confidence and the cycle will keep going.

Hope that this advice helps you!

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Lori Holliday Banks


Great advice, Joey! Sometimes it is hard to overcome our insecurities and fears, but if we at least try then that in itself is an accomplishment.

We hope you are doing well!

Best to you always,
The Banks Family

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