Living in the Moment

Hey, how are ya?!

The freezing temperatures of winter are behind us and we gladly allow in warmer weather. What a great time of the year, with summer and vacations to look forward to. With that being said, I urge you to really appreciate this time and focus on your present life.

It can be easy to get lost in thought planning for the future. Errands, to-do lists, and schedules take up mental space as we stress about how long something will take, or whether we’ll even have time for it. This is a reminder to stay present.  With some focus and persistence, things always work out. Just trust that everything will get done.

Enjoy the ride as you tackle your tasks one by one. The more you enjoy the process itself, the faster it will go. Time is extremely valuable and should not be taken for granted. Try and focus on your life right now, and how you can enjoy this time.

One Love,



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brian tata


Hi man!
Great blog!

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Thank you for this message. I really needed to read this tonight! God Bless!

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