Dealing With Stress

Hey, how are ya?!

It’s that time of the year when New Year’s resolutions have come and passed, and we are into the business of life. There is no certain ‘one-way’ when Dealing With Stress. Everyone is different and therefore has different techniques Dealing With Stress.

Before I tell you about my methods for combating stress, just know that it’s okay if you can’t alleviate stress 100%. It’s a natural part of life. Stress just means that you care. We all try to manage our emotions so as not to negatively impact others. We all have stress; it’s best to keep your composure. So what techniques work for me when Dealing With Stress?

Here are my strategies when Dealing With Stress:

  • I breathe. Simply focusing on my breath centers me, and gets me out of my head.
  • Re-check in mentally and think about what is stressing me out.
  • Then, I ask myself if what is stressing me out is TRULY important to me or not.
  • If yes, I pivot my mindset to think about the positive things in my life.
  • Most importantly, I think about the vibe I’m giving off. If I’m giving-off negative vibes, then that’s what I’ll get back. If I just work mentally to give-off positive vibes, then I will start to get back positive results.

I hope these techniques can help you going forward when you’re Dealing With Stress. Feel free to comment below or message me some techniques that have worked for you!

One Love, Joey


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