Pay It Forward

Hey, how are ya?!

The Holiday Season is my favorite time of the year (besides how cold it is outside). A time to Pay It Forward! From seeing decorated trees covered with ornaments and white/colored lights, to hearing Christmas music playing on radio stations and even to the stress that we all feel from shopping – I love it all. It is the most exhausting, but beautiful, time of year.

However, it is hard for me to see all of this and not think about the people who are struggling in life and having trouble enjoying this time. That is why I always try and Pay It Forward. Especially during the Holiday Season, also known as the season of giving. Therefore, I urge us all to try and perform an altruistic act by giving a gift to someone who truly needs it.

One of the best examples of Paying It Forward is from my friend, Natasha (Tasha) Simone when Tasha’s heart-of-gold shined once again.She wrote this post on Facebook:

“I went to dollar general to get a clipboard and pens for work. Went to pay, $2.12…lady in front of me had two jars of icy hot and a bottle of the “to go” mouthwash. The cashier was annoyed counting her pennies. I heard him say – you need 50 more pennies. The older woman started to get frantic and visibly upset. I told the cashier to give her back the pennies and I’ll pay for it. She thanked me over and over…the woman walked up to my car and told me in Spanish, her husband died 6 months ago and she just buried her 37 year old daughter. She thanked me again and again.”

Now, I do not mean break the bank and go and give a random person walking down the street $100,000. Instead, you could pay for the meal or coffee the car behind you in a drive-thru or possibly stop ignore the bell-ringers at the salvation army station and throw them some change. You get my point. Just do a random act of kindness that seems appropriate for that situation.

We never know what mental battles a person is going through. So if you are able to help in some way, then do it.

Happy Holidays everyone, and do not forget to Pay It Forward!

One Love, Joey


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Tricia Riggs


What an inspiration you are!! My. daughter is watching your “Time and Making it Count” uTube video right now.! Her and her older sister (16 and 18) were just diagnosed at the end of 2018. Love your sense of humor...thank you for sharing your story!!


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What an honor! I would love to connect.

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