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This post is based on some articles I have read this past week about heading back to school, in regards to young children. I feel bad commanding this, but here it goes. Parents of young children or teachers who teach young children: Please teach your kids that disabled kids, who are the same age, are not aliens and to Make Others Feel Like A Somebody.

They are just physically different. However, they are just kids and would love to be treated like everyone else.

Many times, able-bodied kids are not properly trained to know how to deal with a peer in a wheelchair. I know this talk between parents and their children can be difficult, but it needs to happen! I urge teachers as well to introduce them to disabled kids earlier and so they learn how to Make Others Feel Like A Somebody.

Disabled kids just want to feel comforted in front of their peers. That way they can shine. Here is a children’s book, written by Shane Burcaw, helping to address this situation. Shane is a 26-year-old male who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy and has been confined to a wheelchair his entire life. However, he’s a great author and recently released a children’s book introducing wheelchairs to children.

Teach kids young to Make Others Feel Like A Somebody. So one day when they are older, they can teach their kids!

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Love this Joey. Thanks. I also think what you did-- talking to the class about your disability-- opens it up. At Applewild there was a young girl who lost all of her hair to a rare medical condition, she would wear a wig that was incredibly uncomfortable. One day with the support of her parents, close friends and the school, she came to school without her wig and shared her story. You could feel the weight lifted off her and kids embraced her for who she was, as opposed to shying away because they had no idea how to react.

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Thank you so much for this reminder. I interact with a lot of young children in both my professional life and personal life. I’ll definitely be ordering the book you recommended. Peace 😊

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