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This guest blog post is from my buddy in college, Alex Miner Barron. Alex and I grew closer after we both graduated and during that time I was able to discover how great of a person he is. He has always strived to be the best in life while always being a thoughtful friend. He even helped me in my process to begin writing a blog. Excited for you all to read and Meet Alex Miner Barron!

Meet Alex Miner Barron:

“The beauty of our lives young or old is the subjective nature of it. To others, it may seem like a fairytale…to oneself a nightmare, or vice versa.

On July 17, 2018, Joey sent a friendly message asking if I would share my life story and what I’m going through now…

Here are my stories:

My name is Alex Barron a current professional hockey player and former D1 athlete at Quinnipiac University. Born in southern California, I didn’t start playing ice hockey until my freshman year of high school.

I moved away from home at 17 to chase the dream of playing division 1 hockey. 2 countries, 4 states, and 3 years later I found myself at Quinnipiac University. It was there that I was fortunate enough to be a part of 2 frozen four national championship games (losing both) and since have played professional hockey in Europe for the past 2 years.

My name is Alex Miner a Mindset & Sports Performance coach based out of my private training facility in Wallingford CT. Here, I work in coordination with a phenomenal strength coach to develop athletes in a holistic approach. Meaning there is a heavy emphasis on personal development not only as an athlete but more importantly as a human.

My name is Alex Miner Barron, I grew up in a broken family and have spent the majority of my life depressed, angry, negative, and hating the world I lived in. In a radical circumstance that granted me my 4th year of eligibility at Quinnipiac (the 2nd frozen four appearances), I was forced to face life-changing adversity. For the first month at school I was living on my ex-girlfriend’s couch, before saving up enough money for an apartment by flipping items on craigslist, while attempting to earn my masters, and play D1 hockey on the #1 team in the nation at the time. For the first few months in my apartment, I only had a mattress on the floor, bedding to go along with it, and just enough kitchen appliances to get by. I rode this badass three wheel-motorized scooter that an old teammate had left in Hamden because it cost me $1 to fill up! I stopped flipping on craigslist to personal train people out a 200sq. ft. gym in my apartment complex in the early hours of the morning before class because it was easier on the body than moving furniture.

During this process, as Joey does so well, I started to shift my perspective on life, understanding no matter where I go or what I do there will always be something wrong, as long as I search for it, and to therefore begin searching for the beauty in life:

The fact that I was part of one of the greatest teams in our school’s history and the truth that despite any external perception of who Alex was during that time, I was incredibly proud of the opportunities I created for myself and the adversity I was overcoming every single day.

Where am I today?

Today I am faced with one of the most amazing decisions, to continue being Alex Miner the coach or Alex Barron the professional hockey player.  Whichever I choose, the decision will be the right one, because I am deciding as Alex Miner Barron, the man who chooses to appreciate and recognize the beauty in life, a beautiful lesson taught by an amazing human being, who although I never had the courage to come up and speak to, admired closely during my time at Quinnipiac…

Thank you, Joey, thank you for your courage, for creating this space to share openly, and for inspiring me to change my perspective on the fragile nature of life.”

I hope that you took the time to Meet Alex Miner Barron!

One Love,

Joey and Alex


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