Balancing Life

Hey, how are ya?!

I believe in the beauty of having your own opinion about quotes – it’s specific to YOU and how I am Balancing Life.

Last week, I wrote about how I enjoy hearing or seeing different quotes or concepts. Those messages often spark ideas, in my head, making me think about many things. I interpret information and then tell you how I feel, and my interpretations can be separate from yours

One book that I once read, Resisting Happiness, talks about many things. One concept that the book talked about was about Balancing Life. Since I am a Libra, we thrive on being balanced people. I want to explain to you what my interpretation of being balanced is: I categorize balance into certain things. The categories are physical health, family, education, social, financially set, mental well-being, love, civic responsibility, and the last being spiritual. For the sake of not rambling, I will touch on four categories.

Health: My body is a temple…or at least I try to let it be. I know I am physically disabled, which is why I work very hard to make sure I’m always in good health by constantly exercising, eating the right foods, taking the correct supplements to make sure I’m feeling good. You only get one body so treat it well, which is one-way of Balancing Life.

Family: This one is important to me since my family is always there for me. One of the many things that they have taught me is to always be there for them whenever they need me.  No one in my family has ever told me that straight up, but I picked up on it by seeing how my family acts. If there is a family member in your life that you do not keep in touch with, but you wish you did – reach out to them and tell them how you feel. It will only help.

Social: “I wanna do hoodrat stuff with my friends.” I don’t do crazy things like that, but I enjoy socializing with my friends at each other’s house, at a bar, a concert, or wherever. Just doing whatever we want. That is how I have fun with my friends. Everyone has a different way of having fun, but that is one of my ways.

Spiritual: Now this can be done any way you want – attending church, praying, fasting, etc. I attempt at being spiritual by taking time to reflect and think about everything that is going on in my life. Whether it be people I just met, family, friends, my career, school work, and anything else. I like to have some downtime so I’m able to fully relax.

I hope this helps you think about your Balancing Life. I hope you carve out time in your day to balance things out. My important rule is that if things are not working right, just switch it up.

One Love, Joey


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