“Aha Moments”

Hey, how are ya?!

Last week, I had one of those “Aha Moments.” We’ve all had them. They are when you realize something that will positively affect your life. It’s always so simple and an easy fix too, but you just didn’t realize it at the time.

It happened when I was at Pilates, with my amazing and helpful instructor, Jenn St Laurent.

It sounds kind of strange being a young-adult male and going to a Pilates studio, but ‘you gotta do what you gotta do.’ Pilates physically helps me do things in my everyday life that I would struggle with if I didn’t go, which is why I do it every week.

I move around a lot between Pilates, CrossFit, School, Interning, etc., so I’m always on the go. When I was there with Jenn last week, we were practicing throwing a medicine ball. When the ball fell to the ground, I didn’t think about anything and just went to pick it up. One of those “Aha Moments” came. That carelessness almost made me fall out of my chair, which made me realize that I wasn’t thinking about the task at hand. I was just trying to pick it up off the ground as fast as I could.

Jenn looked at me and said, “Stop. Think about what you’re doing and then use all of the muscles that you have to help you complete this task safely.”

After that pep talk, I went to pick the ball up off of the ground and really focused on my body/the task at hand, which made it so much easier to do. After, I looked up at Jenn and said, “Wow! I should’ve been doing that all along. Thank you.” This “aha-moment” made me realize that no matter what the task at hand is, I need to slow down and focus on doing it right.

We all try to rush things sometimes in our lives. Personally, being from Massachusetts where everything is always in such a hurry doesn’t help. But I urge all of you to slow down and focus, regardless of how simple the task may seem. Rushing through things may make things end more quickly, however, more often than not it leads to us doing something wrong, or in my example, getting hurt. Stop, focus, and good things will happen, I promise. Enjoy one of those “Aha Moments” if you can.

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You are amazing!

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Jenn is a very special person. A great trainer. p
Would love to hear you speak again.

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First of all I know what you mean I need to pay more attention to the task and slow it down. Pilates is fabulous along w/Jen..look forward to your next post❤️

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Kelley Thibodeau


Thanks for a well-needed lesson😊

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Karen Pelletier


So so so true! Well said Joey! Thank you!

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Chris Mullaney


Words to live by!

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love this

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