Hey, how are ya?!

I hope you all are enjoying the warm weather. This weekend, my family and I are off to North Carolina to attend my little cousin’s college graduation. Shout-out to Noel Fuller, we’re all so proud of you!

In order for us to get to NC, we need to travel by plane from Boston. That made me think about how people always ask me how I travel on an airplane. More so, they are curious as to how traveling works for a handicapped person.

First off, everyone is different. Whatever disability someone has, results as to how that person gets on the plane and through the airport.

For me, getting through TSA is usually quite simple. When  I arrive at the airport, I normally wait to be checked in. For some reason, which I am very happy about, my family and I get to skip the line to be checked in. Since I can’t walk without assistance through a security detector, I have to be patted down by a TSA agent instead.

I’ve been to many different airports, and every time the pat down is different. Some are aggressive, some are not. I don’t understand why every airport does it differently, but that’s a different issue for a different day.

Side note, I completely understand why TSA does this search and I’m totally for it. Whatever keeps us safe.

Once the search is done, I scoot off to my terminal and wait to board. I have to notify the front desk that I’m bringing my scooter and that I need assistance to my seat. Before the entire plane boards, they allow me and other disabled flyers to board first since we need help safely getting to our seat.

Once I am called to board, I scoot down to the plane and transfer to the isle chair that the airline provides. They strap me into the chair, which is tiny and customized to fit through the aisles. They strap me in using a bunch of different straps, making me feel like I am strapped down for trying to escape prison. It’s pretty funny.

They always get me to my seat and I am then good to go. However, once I am in my seat, I’m there for good. To get me to the tiny bathroom would be a nightmare for me. I am a big man and need my space. Therefore, I try to have an empty bladder and refuse to drink any form of liquid an hour or two before I take off, on purpose. Just makes life easier that way.

This all can be a lot, but I try to laugh and realize how ridiculous flying can be. However, getting from there might be tough, but at least I get there. In my opinion, you have to enjoy your life and find humor whenever possible or else you will never be truly happy.

One love,



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