Never Let Fear Get In Your Way

Hey, how are ya?!

Lately, I’ve been busy with school and figuring out my summer plans. However, I always enjoy writing this blog and will always find the time to write, and employ others Never Let Fear Get In Your Way.

Writing is therapeutic for me, so I enjoy doing it. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that I have a large audience of people that read each post every Friday, so a big thank you to all of you. I had a very interesting week, but there was one story that made me reflect on myself.

This past Wednesday, I uploaded my most recent video onto my Youtube channel. For a long time, people would ask me if I was ever going to start a YouTube channel to broadcast my life further; my response was always no. I never thought that I would be confident in myself enough to broadcast my situation.

I have many fears like you probably do, and one in particular of mine is speaking. I am aware that I want to become a motivational speaker, where to do so I will have to speak often but hear me out first. I know that when I speak, what I’m saying doesn’t always come out clearly, thanks to FA.

However, from all the kind words you all have sent me whether it be on this blog, on my social media pages, or in private, I have gained the confidence to start a YouTube channel and broadcast myself.

Those kind words have made me realize that I was holding myself back from achieving more because of fear and that it was time to overcome it. Never Let Fear Get In Your Way!

After I posted my initial video on YouTube and my Instagram page, a kind woman named Amanda who I have never met messaged me because she saw my post. She reached out to me saying that she loved my video and that she went to college in Boston to study speech-language pathology. I want to see a speech pathologist myself to improve my speaking, so I asked Amanda if she knew of any good contacts around Boston, to which she gave me information on a bunch of different professionals in the area. Specifically, Amanda put me in touch with her supervisor in college, to whom I’m now going to see. I feel foolish now for not posting all of my videos sooner because they could have given me more opportunities like this.

I can’t believe that I got in my own head and tried to stop myself from improving due to fear. Never Let Fear Get In Your Way because you’re only limiting yourself if you do.

One Love,



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Thankyou, Joey.
Fear is so limiting.
This is great advice for each of us,
for who is without fear?

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Jennifer Hoy St. Laurent


Right on Joey!!! Way to look at fear in the face and do it anyway. You’re a brave and wonderful man!

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Proud of you bud!

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Great message! I couldn't agree more... Keep up the great work!

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Ahhh so happy for you Joey!! This is awesome news! You can do anything you set your mind to. Remember that nothing is impossible.

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