Celebration of Life

Hey, how are ya?

First, I would like to thank everyone who came out to hear my speech two weekends ago at the Leominster Public Library.

 It was truly an honor to be able to share my story, and it was an event that I’ll never forget. I aspire to become a motivational speaker, and to begin my career in the city that I grew up in, and to be in front of the people that I love and care about, meant the world to me.

Second, I want to thank Mrs. Poulin and the entire Lawrence Academy Community for hosting a speaking event led by my brother and me last Tuesday night. We spoke to an awesome group of students about leadership and the impact that Lawrence Academy has had on our lives. It was special for us to be back on campus since we both loved high school and still cherish the friendships and experiences that we had there.

I am all about making my time here on earth count, so spending it with all of the incredible people that were at those two places was extremely rewarding.

Speaking about making time on earth count, I hope you all have had the chance to read Griffin’s guest blog from last week, as we learned more about the beautiful and fulfilling life that his sister, Chelsea, lived. Throughout her life-long battle with cancer and liver disease, Chelsea always maintained a happy and smiling face. Chelsea was an incredible person who has left a giant impact on everyone she knew. She was dealt a bad hand, but played her cards the best she could and that’s all  you can ask for.

Personally, Chelsea has motivated me with her strength, attitude and unrelenting perseverance. Despite all of the obstacles that she faced, she never quit fighting and continued to stay positive through it all. Her phrase, “Keep Smiling, Beautiful,” exemplifies all of the amazing qualities that I admire so much about Chelsea and the life that she lived. She showed me to never let the tough times define who you are and who you want to become.

As a reminder, Chelsea’s “Keep Smiling, Beautiful” 5k is this Saturday, April 21st at Donnelly’s Tavern in Lunenburg starting at 11:30am. As Griffin said last week,this 5k “is not only a celebration of her amazing life, but it is a charity race being held for Dana Farber Cancer Institute to specifically fund research helping to find a cure for the cancer (Hepatocellular carcinoma) that cut her life far too short.”

I hope to see you there on Saturday, and please consider donating to this special cause!

One Love,



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Once again, thank you.

My best,
Nancy Gitto-Panagiotes

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Kimberly Poulin


Loved seeing you both! Thank you! (A more formal thank you is on it's way soon.)

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