It Is Okay to Laugh at Yourself

Hey, how are ya?

Two weeks ago, I took an adventurous trip to Boston for some routine “check-up” appointments with my neurologists. Lucky for me, it was a blizzard that day. Rather than drive in snowy conditions, I decided to take the train most of the way. It would be a smarter move, they said…Avoid the roads and take the train, they said. Just know, It Is Okay to Laugh at Yourself, Shane Burcaw said.

Low and behold, the train system was having some malfunctions and delays. Of course. The first train that I boarded randomly died halfway to my next stop. So, I had to get off that train and hop on a new one heading towards Fenway. From there I rode a few more stops before switching lines to another train that would bring me within scooting distance to the place of my appointments, Mass General Hospital (“MGH”). Once I reached my stop, I exited the train and started to scoot towards MGH.

When I say it was a blizzard, I mean it was snowing like crazy… coming down hard and quickly. My princess (aka my scooter) doesn’t like the snow or any type of inclement weather. She prefers smooth sailing. But rough seas make better sailors. Fighting through the blizzard, we kicked into “bunny-mode” and started powering through to the hospital. Now, I did not know this before starting my trip, but to get to MGH from the train stop requires walking, or scooting, along Cambridge Street in downtown Boston. Talk about chaos. It Is Okay to Laugh at Yourself, I’m not laughing.

There I was bundled up, wearing multiple layers of clothing, scooting down the sidewalk on one of the busiest streets in the entire city. Cars were speeding by, snow all over me and my scooter. What a sight. I do not understand how there isn’t a GIF on the internet of me scooting through the snow. I looked ridiculous. I even joked to myself during this journey, “Joey, what the f#&$ are you doing?” But we made it.

Thinking about it after and telling my family and friends about this experience… I could not help but laugh. I truly looked absurd. It was one of those moments where It Is Okay to Laugh at Yourself, I’m not laughing. Sometimes laughter can help deal with a ridiculous situation, and it certainly makes my time here on Earth much more enjoyable. My takeaway is to never take yourself too seriously. There’s always something to laugh about.

One Love, Joey


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Talk about grit! Glad you made it through the snow!

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Olivia Rupprecht


Love this, thanks Joey! As they say "he who laughs, lasts":-)

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