Never Stop Moving

Hey, how are ya?!

Take a wild guess how I’m feeling! If you read my last post, you are probably assuming that I’m still in mourning after the Patriot’s super bowl loss. Yes, you would be correct. To add insult to injury, I’m also having a crappy FA week, but I will Never Stop Moving.

This morning I woke up very tired. I had grad school classes during the week, traveled to various workouts, and went to doctor appointments that required too many hours of travel and traffic. My body feels sixty-three, not twenty-three. When I woke up today, FA reminded me of its power. This morning, I went to transfer myself from my bed to my chair as I usually do and fell to the ground. The reason why I exercise so diligently (five days a week) is so I can be a beast and get myself off the ground without help. The problem with starting my day face down on the floor is that it leaves me feeling less than invigorated to get to the gym. I thought about bumming on the couch and zoning out for the day. Then I remembered that my Pilates instructor, Jenn, was looking forward to ‘beating me up’ and helping me re-energize my body. I couldn’t let her down. I went to Pilates, made it through a session, and left feeling better because I Never Stop.

My motivation is always the same. I power through obstacles for both my personal growth and for other people in my life – from my loved ones to classmates to colleagues.

The way I see it, I am sharing my world with others. For example, my Pilates session includes Jenn, my dinner plans include my parents, and a project due at school affects the others in my group. We are all connected. If I don’t give my all to them, maybe they won’t give their all to me. And I would hate to waste my time here on earth in relationships that aren’t meaningful. I have no clue if Jenn’s day started off great or horrifically. Her morning could have been even worse than falling out of bed. But she showed up today. She was there, and she expected me to live up to the promise of our commitment. Never Stop Moving.

As for my loved ones, well, it is easy to stay motivated for them. My lovely Grandma does not want to see her grandson suffer. My parents do not want to see their FAVORITE son in pain. And the same goes for the rest of my family and friends. They don’t want to see their pal, Joey, the shithead, give up.

It is important for me to remember that I am not alone in my struggles. It is even more important to remember, “it’s not just about me.” My crappy morning does not have to negatively impact people around me. I will have bad mornings again. That’s a given.

You may feel alone sometimes, but you never really are. Never stop and keep ongoing.

One Love, Joey


Image of Debbie Barendt
Debbie Barendt


I really enjoy your posts. You remind me of Kelly, and we also encourage her to just "regroup" after a bad day or a bad morning. Sorry about the Patriots. Well...kind of sorry!!! :)

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Ryan Mullaney


Great post. "If I don't give my all to them, maybe they won't give their all to me. And I would hate to waste my time here on earth in relationships that aren't meaningful."

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I recently subscribed to your posts. My brother had FA and reading your blogs helps me share info with him and to encourage him and the family to keep going! Thank you for sharing your story!

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