Roll with the Punches

Hey, how are ya?

Hope your week has been great. It feels like we are in the “dog days” of winter, where life can be rough. Nothing goes right, and warm weather seems so far away. This week, I experienced “one of those days” where nothing went right. That day was Tuesday. And it seemed like everything that could have gone wrong, actually did. The entire day, start to finish, felt ridiculous.

First thing Tuesday morning, I somehow ripped my shirt when getting ready. Easy fix. Grab a new shirt and move on with my day. Next, I drove through a monsoon from my house to a train station outside Boston to hop on the train to class. Driving is challenging for me in normal weather, never mind in a monsoon. I was happy to get to the train station. Then, obviously, my train into Boston ran into some technical issues. My normal 45-minute commute ended up taking about an hour and a half.

The most frustrating part of the entire commute was that my backpack kept falling off my scooter. Traveling from the train station into Boston, and scooting in the weather was a B!@#$ as my backpack continued to fall off my scooter. Despite the forecast calling for “a small chance of rain at night,” the monsoon stayed strong pouring down the entire way to class. Magically, and despite all the delays, I made it to my class on time.

Actually, I ended up getting to class a few minutes early…probably because I hustled through Boston Common in ‘Bunny Mode’. As I took off my raincoat and got ready for class, I looked around the room and saw my classmates and my professor getting ready for class. It felt like any other day. It hit me that they had no idea about the day I was having. And in fact, no one in the world knew I was having so much trouble. It dawned on me that the world does not change when I need it too. The pace of life stays constant.

It also made me realize that some problems are my own and that often it does not matter how hard they might be. Life goes on, and I have to battle through bad days. During class I thought to myself: I could tell someone in my class about this frustrating day, or I could change my attitude and roll with the punches. I decided to roll with the punches and fight through the frustration.

Roll with the Punches

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bunny mode = beast mode

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Tim Teper


Some days you're the boxer, other days you're the bag. Rolling with the punches, and being able to pick yourself up off the canvas are the keys to success.

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