Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.

Hey, how are ya?

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday season and are enjoying the last few days of 2017. This week feels like a “blahh” week, meaning it is a week where daily schedules are off. Routines are out the window. Everyone has been eating delicious, sugary food, and now feels lethargic. Some people took off work this week. Students in school are on break. Family from all over are staying with you. Things are a little off, but in the best way.

Soon we will all be back to our normal routines, charging head first into 2018. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s pause to talk about New Year’s Eve. Truthfully, I do not like NYE and I never have. I believe it is an over-hyped holiday, and my plans have never turned out great. I had always expected NYE to be a life-changing night…just like in the movies. The party never matches expectations, and I now believe that my mindset is partially at fault.


Every year for the past five or six years I have gone into NYE expecting every party to resemble that from The Great Gatsby: a glamorous, catered party in a giant mansion with hundreds of people dancing and drinking like maniacs. Looking back, I now feel foolish. But it was honestly what I expected at the time. Now, you can understand why NYE has never lived up to my lofty expectations.

I say that this disappointment is my own fault because I have been going into NYE with a bad mindset. I went into the night knowing that I would be let down, so I obviously was. Going into ANYTHING with a bad mindset is only going to make things worse. It is simple logic: if you enter a new job thinking it will be boring, it will be boring. If you go to a party thinking it will not be fun, it will not be fun. If you go into school thinking that it will be hard, it will be hard. However, you and I have the power to change this.

I believe that it is always beneficial to go into something new with an open mind. Whatever “new” that comes your way is only bad if you allow it to be. If you go into something expecting a lot, then any outcome less than “a lot” would make you feel disappointed. I think it can be that simple. Now, I am not saying that you should approach every situation with a positive attitude. Life is messy. Sometimes this approach doesn’t work. I’m just telling you what works for me: I try to be accepting of everything that comes my way.

This NYE, and in all new things in 2018, I plan to keep an open mind and to stay aware of my expectations. I implore you to do the same. “In the big leagues, everyone has ability. It always comes down to mind games. Whoever is more mentally strong-wins.” – Muhammad Ali.

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.

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Laura Proietti


Happy New Year! Love your posts!

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Joanne lecuyer


Great blog as usual you always give people something to think about happy New Year

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